logo-grana-padanoGrana Padano

Campirossi selects the Grana Padano PDO in our range from the area around Mantua from a historical farm, where they produce and package it through their vast experience in the dairy sector.
Grana Padano is a PDO cheese. It is made from cow’s milk and must be aged for at least 9 months, although some types can take over 20 months. It has a crumbly texture with an intense, lingering aroma.

Discover the packs and portions available below.





100 g pack of grated cheese

This practical pack contains 100 g of grated Grana Padano, selected by Campirossi and packaged without drying processes in a protective atmosphere.


200 g wedge

The traditional wedge with a modern look! 200 g of the best Grana Padano selected for you by Campirossi, packaged in brand new wrapping in a protective atmosphere.










 1/8 wedge vacuum packed (about 4 Kg)

This classic vacuum-packed 4kg slice of the best Grana Padano has been selected right where it is made just for you by Campirossi.